Welcome to YouTrack 2018.3

Youtrack 2018.3 Introduces Visual Redesign, Project Overview Pages, Supplemental Fields for Text and other improvements.


Visual Redesign

YouTrack 2018.3 comes with a fresh new look! We’ve redesigned the controls and polished the theme to deliver a more intuitive way to manage your issues.

Project Overview Pages

New project overview pages give you a more convenient way to view information related to the project. They also serve as a landing page or “home base” for each project.

These pages display the project description and provide direct links to project settings. They also provide a dashboard-like interface where you can add widgets that let you monitor the activity in your projects.

Group Logos for Users in Selection Menus

Everywhere you see the option to select a user from a drop-down list, the user avatars are shown with group logos. This includes the selectors for issue and comment visibility, suggestions in @mentions and commands, watchers, and assignees.

Add icons to groups to help you quickly distinguish between different sets of users.

Delete Issue Condition for On-change Rules in Workflows

A new runOn property for on-change rules lets you specify whether a workflow is triggered when issues are updated, deleted or both. Use this condition to script rules that prevent accidental deletion of important issues.

Supplemental Fields for Text

YouTrack now supports supplemental fields that store data as text, formatted in Markdown. Fields with this type appear just below the issue description. Create dedicated input fields to classify information that goes beyond the issue description.

Use it together with the conditional custom fields feature to add useful information on different conditions. For example, for the issue type bug, you can show the supplemental field to describe the steps to reproduce the bug.

Embedded Content from Google Apps

You can now embed published content from Google apps directly in YouTrack description or a comment! Insert documents, spreadsheets, and forms.

Two-factor Authentication

We've built in support for two-factor authentication directly into your account. Pair your account with an identity verification app on your mobile device and add an extra layer of security.

Application Passwords

To help you stay connected to third-party services that don't support two-factor authentication, we've also added support for application passwords. Use these randomly generated passwords to give an app or device permission to access your Hub account.

Global Password Change Requests

A new action in the authentication module lets an administrator request that all users change the passwords for their accounts. When you believe that a malicious user has obtained unauthorized access, use this feature to keep your installation secure.

Jenkins Integration

A new integration with Jenkins is built directly into YouTrack and ready for configuration. Pull build numbers from Jenkins to set the fix version for issues in YouTrack, mention issues in commits, and update issues with commands from commit messages.


Redesigned Presentation for Linked Issues

The updated interface for issue links lets you quickly add links to other issues and browse the collection of issues that are linked to the current issue. You can now watch, vote, and see how many votes and comments there are in each linked issue.

Period Values for Hours per Day

The global time tracking setting for hours per day now stores a period value instead of integer. This lets you use a value like "7h30m" to define your work day and calculate your spent time accordingly.

Custom Order for Favorite Dashboards

You can now apply a custom order to your list of favorite dashboards. Place your dashboards in the desired sequence and page through them in logical order.

Find Similar Issues Action

You can now open a list of issues that are similar to the current issue in single issue view from the issue toolbar. This replicates the functionality that was supported on the Similar Issues tab in the old issue view.

Access Interface Updates

We've added a dedicated Access tab to your project profiles. This view gives you better insight into the roles that are assigned to users and groups in your projects beyond the access that is granted to members of your project team. You also have direct access to all of the operations that allow you to revoke access rights on one page. The updated layout has also been applied to the Roles tabs for users and groups.

Access Token Timeout

A new setting for authentication modules lets you specify the maximum lifetime for access tokens. Use this setting to limit the amount of time a malicious user can access the application.


We've published documentation for a collection of endpoints that are supported in the current version of our REST API. These endpoints cover the most common methods for updating issues programmatically.