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Be safe: use genuine
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Be safe: use original JetBrains tools

Only genuine JetBrains software gives you full access to the latest features and updates so you can avoid performance problems, get the latest fixes, and be as productive as possible. Download it from the JetBrains website! Use software that’s reliable, secure, and supported by JetBrains to ensure you get the quality you expect.

Using safe, genuine software doesn't have to be expensive. For example, you can get a low-cost monthly subscription to work on a small individual project without committing to an annual deal.

The dangers of pirated software

Using JetBrains software packaged with a “solution”, “crack”, or similar modification of a genuine version of the JetBrains tools poses several risks:

Side effects

Side effects on the tool’s effectiveness: it may consume more memory, slow down the execution, and cause unexpected crashes, etc.


Unwanted additional workload introduced by a third-party modification, such as participating in botnets, cryptocurrency mining, and welcoming viruses to your system.

Affordable subscription

PhpStorm, PyCharm, IntelliJ IDEA, GoLand, Rider, and other JetBrains tools have affordable individual subscription options. An individual subscription is cheaper than subscriptions for companies because it is non-transferable. If you work in a company and buy an individual subscription, it remains with you if you were to ever leave the company.

Perpetual license

When purchasing an annual subscription, you will immediately get a perpetual fallback license for the exact version available at the time.

If paying on a monthly basis, as soon as you pay for 12 consecutive months, you will receive this perpetual fallback license providing you with access to the exact product version for when your 12 consecutive months subscription started.

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Not sure if an IDE suits your needs?

Try a 30-day free trial. After 30 days you could upgrade to a monthly subscription. For example, a month of WebStorm costs as little as a few U.S. dollars, and if it saves you a few minutes, it pays for itself.

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Noticed illegal use of a JetBrains tool? Let us know

Improperly licensed versions pose a risk of data leaks, privacy breaches, and update issues

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