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Navigate current context

JetBrains Rider provides a number of features that help you navigate your code based on the current context, that is according to the opened document and your caret position inside it:

In addition to more complex navigation features, you can always use the basic caret navigation shortcuts in the editor:


How to invoke

Use it to

Move Caret to Previous Word

Move Caret to Next Word



Move the caret to the beginning/end of the current word, and then further word by word in the same direction.

If Use CamelHumps is selected on the Editor | General | Typing Assistance page of settings  Ctrl+Alt+S, the caret will move to the next/previous capitalized word inside identifiers with CamelCase names.

Note that by default, on Ctrl+Right the caret jumps to the end of the current word. This behavior is configurable in the Caret Movement section on the Editor | General settings page.

Move Caret to Line Start

Move Caret to Line End



Move the caret to the first/last character on the current line.

Go to Containing Declaration


Move the caret to the declaration of a type or a function from any position within its body.

Move Caret to Matching Brace


When the caret is right before or after a brace, a bracket, or HTML/XML tag, jump to the item that matches it.

Move Caret to Code Block Start

Move Caret to Code Block End



Move the caret to the opening/closing brace of the enclosing code block.

Next Method

Previous Method



Move the caret to the declaration of the next/previous member in the current type.

Move Caret to Page Top

Move Caret to Page Bottom

Ctrl+Page Up

Ctrl+Page Down

Move the caret to the top/bottom line of the currently visible editor area, without scrolling.

Page Up

Page Down

Page Up

Page Down

Move the caret up/down to the current height of the editor area and scroll the document accordingly, and then further with the same step in the same direction.

Move Caret to Text Start

Move Caret to Text End



Move the caret to first/last character in the current document.

Next Highlighted Error

Previous Highlighted Error



Move the caret to next/previous code issue highlighted in the editor.

There are two modes of navigating code issues in the current file:

  • Stop at problems of all severity levels (except hints).

  • Only stop at problems of the highest severity level in the file. For example, if there are errors, the action will jump between them, but as soon as all errors in the file are fixed, the action will jump between warnings, and so on.

You can specify the desired behavior with the The 'Next Error' action goes through option on the Editor | Code Editing page of settings  Ctrl+Alt+S or you can hover over the status indicator, click and choose the desired behavior:

JetBrains Rider: configuring behavior for navigating between code issues

Next Change

Previous Change



Jump between edits registered in a VCS. These shortcuts only work if version control integration is enabled for your solution.

Last modified: 17 May 2024