Qodana 2022.2 Help

Getting started

The current version of Qodana (2022.2) lets you analyze Java, Kotlin, PHP, Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript projects. Eventually, all languages and technologies covered by JetBrains IDEs will be added.

Analyze a project locally

Qodana provides two options for local analysis of your code. Qodana CLI is the easiest option to start. Alternatively, you can use the Docker command from the Docker image tab.

  1. Install Qodana CLI on your machine using available options.

  2. In the project root directory, run this command:

    qodana init

    This will create the qodana.yaml file containing all necessary configuration options.

  3. In the project root directory, run this command to inspect your code:

    qodana scan --show-report

Start with any of the provided linters. For all linters the procedure is basically the same.

docker run --rm -it \ -v <source-directory>/:/data/project/ \ -p 8080:8080 jetbrains/qodana-<linter> \ --show-report

with source-directory pointing to the root of your project.

Open http://localhost:8080 in your browser to examine inspection results. Here, you can also reconfigure the analysis, see the User interface overview section for details. When done, you can stop the web server by pressing Ctrl-C in the console.

Next steps

Last modified: 21 November 2022