Welcome to YouTrack 7.0

YouTrack 7.0 introduces new Agile Board, Gantt Chart, Multiple and Shareable Dashboards, and many other important enhancements.

New Agile Board

YouTrack 7.0 brings you a fully redesigned Agile Board. It is more flexible, powerful, and dynamic than ever. Add and customize issues, set visibility, and estimate tasks without leaving the Board. Set your own rules!

Sprints have declared their independence.

Sprints are no longer linked to fix versions. This change lets you manage sprints and fix versions independently of each other. Linking sprints to fix versions is still an option.

Sprints respect your boundaries.

In the old agile board, new issues that matched a column and swimlane were added to the current sprint automatically. The new board gives you complete control over which issues are assigned to sprints. The ability to add new issues to a sprint automatically is still an option.

Sprints have goals.

You can set a goal for each sprint to keep the team focused on the same objective.

Board have backbones.

Create an Agile board that is pre-configured for Scrum or Kanban or build a custom board from scratch.

New color palette

Customize the visual presentation of issue fields and tags with additional color options. With a new palette it's easier to distinguish the priorities of your issues, and pick your preferred colors for your board.

Issue Drafts

When you add a card to the board, YouTrack adds the values for the column and swimlane to an issue draft. If you accidentally close the issue or your browser, you can pick up right where you left off. Drafts created on a board are added to the list of drafts on the full issue screen as well.

Backlog Management

In YouTrack 7.0, the Backlog looks more similar to the full-featured issue list, with the added filtering capability. Managing issues becomes easier than ever: filter and prioritize issues, add subtasks, use commands and search box, and view issues in a tree view. New functionality lets you prioritize issues in the backlog, add issues as cards or swimlanes to the board, and assign an issue to any sprint.

Enhanced Burndown and Cumulative flow

YouTrack 7.0 brings some enhancements to the charts that are available from the Board. Take full control of your Burndown, deciding how and what you see on your chart. Tune the settings to select the mode that you need at the moment. For example, to see your sprint progress based on the total number of cards, create a chart based on the issue count. You can also use a custom query to add or exclude swimlanes, tasks, orphans for your Burndown or Cumulative flow charts.

See Updates in Real Time

YouTrack 7.0 introduces live updates. All changes, wherever they are applied to issues, are reflected on cards on your Agile board. Move issues around freely, edit or modify them, and never waste your time on refreshing the page.

Gantt Chart

Create a Gantt Chart to plan and get an overview of the flow of your project. The chart shows what should happen and when, and illustrates which tasks depend on the completion of others. Gantt Chart can display issues from one or more projects that match specific search criteria, and supports capacity limitations. Measure how much time is required to finish all of the estimated tasks with a set number of resources and predict how much faster you can complete these tasks when you add resources to the team.

Use the Gantt Chart to follow the progress of your project, estimate time and track results.

Project Templates

Start a new project and hit the ground running. Templates for pure issue tracking, Scrum, or Kanban projects are pre-configured to include a custom-tailored set of issue fields, agile boards, and workflows. Customize your project at any time!

Add Values to Custom Fields from Anywhere

If you are a project administrator, you can now add new custom field values from any part of YouTrack – from a board, issues list, or even from the backlog. Guaranteed time savings on configuring your projects, isn't that awesome?

Multiple & Shareable Dashboards

In YouTrack 7.0 you can create multiple Dashboards and share them with your team or other user groups. You can also manage sharing options and allow users either to edit your dashboard or access it in view mode only.


SAML 2.0 Support

YouTrack 7.0 comes with SAML 2.0 Support, which means you can log in to external services like Zendesk, Google Apps for Work and others with your YouTrack account.

Password Strength Policy

YouTrack 7.0 supports a Password Strength Policy. If you are a project administrator, set a password policy to increase the security of your instance and protect the system from brute-force attacks. Password policy will be applied to all users joining your instance.

Revised Permission Management

Manage separate sets of permissions by application. The new permissions interface shows you which permissions grant access to issue-related actions in YouTrack, and which permissions are used for access management in the built-in Hub service.

Delete User Profiles

Users can now delete their own Hub profiles, removing their accounts from YouTrack. Administrators can use this feature to delete unused accounts from YouTrack.

Issue links preview in messengers

This small but neat feature makes it easier to share links with your teams via Slack, Facebook and Telegram. Paste a link into a chat and it will automatically expand. This handy issue preview will save you time throughout the day, letting you decide whether you want to open an issue or not. Please note that this feature is only available for public issues.