What’s New in Upsource 2017.1

Introducing cross-project full-text search, revised Reviews page, review progress, browser notifications, squash/rebase support, basic GitLab support, new workflows, and more.

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Cross-project full-text search

Searching and navigating the codebase has always been the focus of Upsource. To expand our search capabilities even further, we’ve implemented cross-project full-text search. Upsource searches across all branches and even finds deleted code. If you want to uncover a piece of code you deleted last month, planning a refactoring that affects multiple projects, or simply wondering if some colleague of yours is already using a new web API that appeared in Chrome last week, Upsource can help.

Review suggestions in revisions list

In Upsource 2017.1 you may notice hints like "Steve Jones owns the modified files. Create review?" next to some commits. Upsource now detects the cases when someone modifies the files that were authored by someone else in the past and suggests creating a review. In one click, the review will be created and the owner of the code will be assigned to review the changes.

Merge status on review page

Now Upsource checks and informs you whether a branch can be merged without conflicts. This feature works only for GitHub projects.

Review progress

Sometimes it happens that reviews that you created and eager to complete as soon as possible are just ignored by the reviewers. Or are they just too busy? You can now check how many files were viewed and when was the last time your colleague came around, by opening the review and hovering on the reviewer's avatar.

Browser notifications

You can now choose to receive notifications in your browser to stay tuned to the most important events without switching from your IDE. You can get notified when a review is created, reopened, closed or accepted, and more. Please note that you need to have an Upsource tab open in your browser.

Squash/rebase support

Upsource now supports squashed Git commits (revisions), and updates the history to display new commit ids and new commit messages from the VCS. Review timeline also reflects the reasons old revisions have disappeared from the review.

New code review workflows

We've added a number of workflows to automate your code review process:

  • Close reviews automatically: closes the review automatically when all reviewers have accepted changes.
  • Resolve discussions automatically: marks all discussions as resolved upon closing the review.

Initial GitLab support

We've added basic GitLab support, which lets you see pull requests from GitLab in Upsource. This is the initial step towards GitLab support. We’ll keep working to extend this functionality in future releases.

Docker support

Upsource 2017.1 is available as a Docker image. Enjoy easy set up with recommended system settings applied out of the box!


Revised Reviews page

The Reviews page now sports five predefined searches that let you quickly jump to reviews you are interested in: Created, Assigned, Rejected, Mentioned, and Completed. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed with reviews requiring your attention, the new design will help you focus.

Redesigned administration area

We’ve revised and redesigned the Create/edit project form. A long page was replaced with tabs and all the fields were shuffled around to make it more logical.

Enhanced user profile

User Profile has become fully interactive. You can open your commits, check and comment the changes, create issues and add labels from the Recent Activity feed. Profile page can serve as your homepage, giving all the details and actions you need to process your commits and reviews.

Android Studio, advanced Gradle settings

Support for Gradle properties and Gradle init script

We've enhanced code intelligence for Gradle, allowing you to configure Gradle properties and Gradle init script. For example, you can specify your Proxy server location via Gradle properties.

Android Studio

Upsource now handles Android projects properly. Java code, as well as other supported languages, is recognized, dependencies are resolved, and a code model is built.

New query assist options

We are constantly enhancing our powerful query assist to help you find anything in no time. Most recently we’ve added new query keywords, closed-by and closed.

Improved custom workflows

  • Add revisions to reviews automatically: we’ve added a new option that allows to ignore merge commits.
  • Create review automatically if commit message contains issue ID.

Fira Code

If you like your functional code extra-fancy, the font added in IDEA 2016.3 is now available in Upsource.

Free 10-user plan included