App Types

25% of users are developing 2 types of apps with Kotlin.

15% develop 3 types of apps, but still most developers use Kotlin in production for just one type of app. The most popular combinations are Web Back-end with Mobile and Web Back-end with Library or framework.

Multiplatform Projects

Multiplatform Projects first appeared in Kotlin 1.2 and it was then significantly improved upon for the Kotlin 1.3 release. It includes a set of specific libraries to help you write multiplatform code.

Multiplatform Projects first appeared in Kotlin 1.2 and the feature was drastically improved in Kotlin 1.3. A set of specific libraries is provided to help you write your multiplatform code.

Learn more about how to start sharing code across platforms with MPP.

We asked the respondents who do not use MPP yet if there were some parts of their projects they would like to share across platforms, and which platforms those would be. We were surprised to find out that a whopping 75% of our respondents who do not use MPP yet would be glad to share some parts of their current project, especially algorithms and data structures (41%) and data format (32%).


There should be no surprises that Kotlin and IntelliJ IDEA, both developed by JetBrains, are a perfect match.

Android Studio is based on the IntelliJ Platform and provides a great user experience for mobile development too. Both of these IDEs are the leaders according to the Census.

Which IDE do you mostly use for Kotlin development?

IntelliJ IDEA for Kotlin development

A capable and effective IDE for the JVM and beyond

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The most popular Gradle versions are 4.1 and 5.0.


The usage of libraries has almost doubled since 2017, and the most used libraries continue to grow in popularity.

Learning resources

Respondents tended to use more community-driven resources in 2018 than in 2017. Blog posts and Stack Overflow overtook the official documentation.

The popularity of meetups and conferences as a source of Kotlin knowledge has increased by 70%. So has the popularity of YouTube content and samples and examples on Github.

We on the Kotlin team are excited to see the growth of community-driven content in terms of quantity as well as popularity. We support this all the way and we thank all the authors and speakers out there for sharing their Kotlin knowledge!

If you are a Kotlin event organizer, speaker, or author, please read more about our Community and Support Program.


Kotlin and data

Kotlin seems to be a promising programming language for working with data.

This chart shows the statistics on developers using Kotlin for machine learning, data analysis, or BI, which is around 10% of all survey respondents.

If you are interested in getting started with Kotlin for data science, check out the collection of helpful resources assembled by Thomas Nield on Github.