Which versions of Java do you regularly use?

Java 6 is used by 13% of companies with 50+ employees, and only 8% of smaller ones.

37% of Java developers develop mobile apps.
96% of Java mobile developers develop for Android.

What application servers do you regularly use?

Which frameworks do you use as an alternative to an application server?

63% of Enterprise back-end developers and 50% of mobile developers profile JVM.

How do you run / deploy your web applications?

What web frameworks do you use? (%)

The more experience in IT industry Java developers have,
the more likely they are to use at least one web framework.

Which build systems do you regularly use?

Only 12% of Java developers do not use Maven or Gradle.

Which editor or IDE do you use the most?

*Including Spring Tool Suite, JBoss Tools, Scala IDE etc.

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