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Doxygen documentation

Doxygen-style comments can be placed across the source code and used for generating fully-fledged documentation in various formats.

ReSharper includes the information from doxygen into the Quick Documentation popup Control+Q:

Doxygen comments in Quick Documentation

Viewing doxygen documentation

Information from documentation comments is included in Quick Documentation popup in addition to the type information. To invoke the documentation popup:

  1. Place the caret at the desired symbol.

  2. Press Control+Q.

Creating doxygen comments

To create a doxygen comment from scratch:

  1. Type one of the following symbols: ///, //!, /** or /*! and press Enter.

  2. You will get a stub to fill with the documentation text:

    Generate comments

You can also use the Document entity (Control+/) context action. If necessary, you can customize the comment stub by editing the doc live template that ReSharper uses for generation.

Reliable rename

While renaming a function or its parameters, the documentation comments need to be updated accordingly. In case of the Rename refactoring F2, ReSharper updates documentation comments along with other references.


Renaming example - before


Renaming example - after
Last modified: 26 May 2024