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Code Generation in TypeScript

ReSharper provides a variety of ways to generate boilerplate code. For example, you can use undeclared code symbols and automatically generate these symbols based on usages, generate type members, and more.

Generate code from usage

ReSharper lets you use code symbols (classes, methods, variables, and so on) before you declare them. When ReSharper detects an undeclared symbol, it suggests one or more quick-fixes Alt+Enter for generating a declaration based on the usage, and then smartly adjust the declaration according to the usage context:

ReSharper.Generating TypeScript class from usage

Generate Type Members

With ReSharper, you can quickly generate different type members. To view the list of available code generation options for the current type, press Alt+Insert or choose ReSharper | Edit | Generate Codeā€¦ in the main menu.

Generate constructors

The constructor generation wizard creates a non-default constructor that takes parameters for selected fields .

All generated constructors follow the same pattern where:

  • Each field included in the constructor is initialized with a parameter.

  • The name of the parameter is derived from the name of the corresponding field .

ReSharper. Generating constructors for TypeScript class

Implementing/overriding members

For inherited types, ReSharper provides two related code generation features:

  • Implement missing members implements any interface members or abstract members missing from the current class.

  • Override members does the same as Implement missing members, but it also overrides virtual members if applicable.

ReSharper. Generating overriding members for a TypeScript class

Generate properties

ReSharper will help you generate properties for all fields that you want to expose.

ReSharper. Generating properties for a TypeScript class
Last modified: 11 February 2024