What’s New

DataGrip 2016.1 comes with lots of enhancements: better connectivity, improved PostgreSQL and Oracle grammar support, file scopes and new editor features.


Variadic templates

Password is copied with SSH settings

SSH/SSL tab is now always accessible, and is a bit smarter—you can copy the password along with all other SSH settings between data sources. Just click “Copy from…”, and you’re all good.

Custom URLs support

If you’re using a DBMS we don’t directly support, you’ll be prompted to create a custom JDBC URL template that we will then use to extract information (like login or address) from that URL.

Variadic templates

Port number auto corrections

New SQL Server connection inspections should help those who mistake the port numbers. From now on, DataGrip will inform you that you specified an incorrect port number and offer a quick-fix for that.

Completion for instance and databases

In General tab for SQL Server data source now there is a completion for hosts, instances and databases. Thus, you can see the complete list of what you need by pressing Ctrl+Space in the text field.

Better errors handling

We improved the way MySQL tells you about connection errors, so you will get more details on what exactly went wrong, not just some generic "Could not create connection” message.


Generate definitions

Qualify and unqualify identifier

A new pair of intention actions, Qualify and Unqualify identifier, are accessible from the Alt+Enter menu.

Generate definitions

Structure view enhancements

Structure View will now be able to display the common table expressions, and will not shorten longer names them in an unpredictable way.

Generate in-place

Right-to-left languages support

Selection and caret now are fully supporting RTL languages like Arabic or Hebrew.

IDE features

File scopes

Starting with this version DataGrip supports file scopes that simplify various operations (like code analysis) by grouping files based on multiple flexible criteria such as path or name mask. To manage scopes, go to Preferences/Settings → Appearance and Behavior → Scopes. Scopes you create will appear in the Files panel (Ctrl+2)


By-word difference highlighting

We added by-word difference highlighting in the diff viewer—now it's easier to see the difference between the two files you’re comparing.

PostgreSQL support

Mark directory as

Better grammar support

Some PostgreSQL features like WITHIN GROUP and window functions for custom aggregates are now properly highlighted and available for completion.

Mark directory as

Completion for table functions

We’ve improved the support for table functions: they’re now properly highlighted and available for completion. Finally, the automatic aliases can be used for qualification in the SQL editor.

Mark directory as

Function in indexes support

Also, we’ve added the support for functions in indexes: you can navigate to them from the database view or from an index DDL with the familiar Ctrl + Mouse Click action.

Other improvements

  • Oracle 12 grammar support.
  • Moving elements in XML left or right with Alt+Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Arrow keys.
  • Objects that are not introspected now can be resolved to DDL statement is there is a match.
  • Ctrl/Cmd+F text search in Terminal plugin.
  • Fix for the issue of losing the formatting of Oracle functions and procedures.
  • Remote Hosts Access plugin is available for installation.
  • Perforce plugin is available for installation.